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The first Laundrychip specifically developed for mats

The FT401 MAT, featuring a patented design, has been specifically developed to seamlessly vulcanize with the mat during production, with ZERO application cost.

Once embedded into the mat, the FT401 MAT doesn’t add any unnecessary thickness while having excellent adhesion to rubber.

The FT401 MAT is electrically tuned for rubber, ensuring optimized single and bulk reading performances.

Discover the UHF LAUNDRYCHIP™ 40I MAT now!

RFID TAGS for tracking mops and cleaning tools

RFID technology offers valuable applications in the cleaning industry, enabling the tracking of various items essential to the cleaning process, including mops, dusters, microfiber cloths… RFID tags make it possible to efficiently track and trace each item throughout the cleaning process, minimizing loss and ensuring compliance with established cleaning standards.

Discover the UHF LAUNDRYCHIP™ 40I, the best tag to track mops!

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