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Datamars releases a white paper on the use of RFID transponders in MRI scanners

Use of textiles with RFID transponders during MRI scans in hospitals: all that must be considered for the best safety and performance.

UHF RFID transponders are widely used in hospitals to identify and track any type of textile, including bed linen, surgical textiles and patient gowns.
In many cases, these textiles are worn during medical examinations such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans. Since MRI relies on strong static magnetic fields and RFID transponders contain conductive materials, undesirable effects are possible. It’s thus extremely important to test RFID transponders for MRI compatibility.

In collaboration with MRI testing expert MR:comp GmbH, Datamars releases a WHITE PAPER on the use of RFID transponders in MRI scanners. The white paper represents today the most comprehensive study on the market about the use of RFID transponders in MRI environment, establishing a best practice that ensures both patient safety and diagnosis integrity.

A must-read for any staff member having to deal with RFID transponder in a medical environment!