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New all-in-one stationary UHF reader with integrated antenna

The new all-in-one stationary UHF reader is the perfect solution for light industrial usage.

Its integrated antenna makes it a cost-efficient solution to create redundant reading points in the laundry in order, for example, to handle lost textiles or to speed-up tag registration.

The reader communicates and is powered through its USB port which makes it particularly easy to install and configure. It can be configured to send data to the terminal in keyboard wedge or serial mode (COM port) and thanks to several configurable parameters, it is possible to customize the output data string i.e. by cutting the EPC length or adding a prefix to the EPC code as well as being able to set filters on the readings, etc in order to fit your needs.

After the first setup, the reader is a plug and play reader that can be moved anywhere and connected to any computer to be able to use it to scan your textiles.