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The “Certified Textile Provider” Program

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The exclusive program for select textile providers in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

The Datamars “CERTIFIED TEXTILE PROVIDER” program involves a selected group of premium textile providers (only of Australia & New Zealand market) that have attained Bundle and Datamars’ standards of operating excellence. This means standing out for a deep understanding of the RFID market and technology and guaranteeing the highest level of quality of products and services, powered by Bundle and Datamars’ technology platform.

The program is aimed to support them in developing and boosting Smart textiles technology by including RFID into their products, for their benefit and the benefit of their end customers. Datamars is actively supporting the program by providing:

one-to-one consultancy,
webinar and training

certification process to
guarantee a correct
RFID integration

special conditions on
Datamars UHF

What advantages can a CERTIFIED TEXTILE PROVIDER offer to their customers?

  • the guarantee of the best UHF RFID textile tag on the market featuring unbeaten electrical performances and mechanical resistance;
  • a no-brainer integration of RFID in textiles, avoiding common pits and falls;
  • the worldwide support of Datamars, inventor of the Laundrychip and leading the market for 30 years;
  • competitive RFID pricing thanks to large scale purchasing;
  • a direct access to RFID expertise and best practices through to the close partnership between the Certified Textile Partner, Bundle and Datamars.
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