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Datamars celebrates 30 years of excellence and leadership in textile RFID!

This year marks an extraordinary milestone for Datamars that celebrates its 30th anniversary as a leading global supplier of RFID systems for the textile and laundry market.

Since its establishment in Switzerland in 1988, Datamars has pioneered textile electronic identification market with the invention of the first LaundryChip™ for industrial laundry applications.

Building on three decades of technological innovation and a profound understanding of customer requirements, Datamars evolved into a multinational company with a complete portfolio of patents and products. The original LaundryChip™ went through many changes and technology upgrades but the focus has remained always the same: offer the best textile RFID solutions worldwide!

Datamars is proud of these 30 years of growth and success while delivering innovative and unique RFID solutions worldwide. We are especially grateful to our clients and partners for being part of our company’s success over the years, making it possible. Our successful story has been built largely on their projects, demands and challenges and we would like to thank them for their trust in our products and services” said Riccardo Mazzolini, Datamars Textile ID General Manager. “At the same time, we are looking forward to continuing this unique track record of success and building upon it. We’re excited about the challenging decade ahead and we have significant plans to deliver additional value to our clients and breakthrough innovations to the industrial laundry market.

We look forward to – and will work hard to – achieve another 30 years of success, growing with our customers and continue to provide them nothing less than the best!

 Look back over Datamars’ milestones and click here to enjoy our anniversary video.

Datamars Textile ID-Anniversario-30-anni