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Datamars employs an induction coupling technology that’s purposefully crafted for the demands of the industrial laundry setting. In contrast, certain competitors have opted to build their laundry offerings around pre-existing RFID inlay technology. Despite their attempts to bolster its durability, the inlay tag inherently lacks the resilience needed to withstand intense mechanical strain.
Furthermore, when juxtaposed with tags from these competitors that utilize the same technology, LaundryChips stand out due to their extensive experience and validation in the most challenging laundry conditions. This experience has driven the incorporation of the sturdiest components currently available in the market.
Even if inlay tags reading performances are good when they are brand new, they quickly degrade after 100 washing cycles.
LaundryChips are guaranteed for 200 washing cycles with no loss of performance.
Due to the textile-based nature of LaundryChips, integrating them into textiles is significantly simplified, either through sewing or heat sealing.
Unlike competing products that require an additional retrofitting sealing label, LaundryChips have an inherent “heat-sealing surface” (or “built-in” sealing capability).
Datamars is vertically integrated with a significant production site in Thailand, so we can achieve economies of scale thanks to our huge production volumes.
Our LaundryChip excels in performance and durability, while maintaining a remarkable level of technical simplicity. With fewer components compared to inlay tags, it achieves heightened efficiency and cost-effectiveness in production.
At Datamars, we take pride in delivering RFID reading systems that are finely tuned for optimal performance, avoiding unnecessary overengineering that can hinder functionality. Unlike some competitors whose systems may suffer from being overly complex and underperforming, our approach focuses on precision and efficiency. By streamlining our technology, we ensure that every component of our RFID reading systems is purposefully designed to deliver reliable and accurate results. Our commitment to creating systems that excel without unnecessary complexities enables us to provide solutions that consistently meet and exceed industry standards. With Datamars, you can trust in a reading system that is finely balanced to deliver top-tier performance, without the pitfalls of overengineering.
Thanks to advanced algorithms Datamars’ closed portals can read 1 thousand tags in less than 4 seconds.
At Datamars, we understand that seamless integration is crucial for our customers. Unlike some competitors who occasionally encounter difficulties in ensuring their reading systems communicate effectively with existing customer route accounting software, we prioritize compatibility as a core aspect of our solution. Our RFID reading systems are meticulously engineered to seamlessly interface with a wide range of route accounting software platforms. This compatibility not only ensures a smooth implementation process but also minimizes disruptions to your operations. With Datamars, you can have confidence in a reading system that harmoniously connects with your existing software infrastructure, empowering you with real-time insights and efficiency across your entire workflow.
Datamars boasts a specialized and highly proficient service team. As evidenced by our annual customer surveys, this team stands out as one of the most valued additions for our customers.

If you have experienced any of these issues with your current RFID supplier, it may
be time to switch to Datamars!

We understand that transitioning to a new RFID provider might seem daunting, but we’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you. UHF technology, which powers our readers and tags, is designed to be highly interoperable. UHF readers have the capability to read a wide range of UHF tags, regardless of the manufacturer, It’s an open standard that ensures compatibility and flexibility.
This means that switching to Datamars doesn’t require you to replace your existing UHF tags, as our UHF readers can seamlessly communicate with various UHF tags already in use. Our team will work closely with you to ensure a seamless transition, providing support at every step of the way. Rest assured, your investment in UHF technology is versatile and future-proof, allowing you to explore the benefits of our solutions without the complexity often associated with switching providers.



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