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Datamars’s trademarks and the associated goodwill are valuable assets, and the proper use of these trademarks is very important to Datamars. You may use Datamars’ trademarks to identify Datamars products, services and promotions, provided that you comply with these guidelines (and, if you have an agreement with Datamars, any other applicable terms contained in your agreement).

You may use Datamars trademarks to identify Datamars products or services, provided that such references are truthful and fair, and are not misleading as to Datamars sponsorship of or affiliation with you or your company, or endorsement of your products or services. You may use Datamars trademarks with referential phrases such as “for use with,” “for,” “works with” or “compatible with,” as long as you do not suggest that Datamars is the source of your product or that Datamars endorses it.

A Datamars trademark should not be combined with any trademark, business name, or product or service name of another company. The Datamars trademark may not be used in a manner that might create potential confusion as to the source of your products or services, or ownership of the Datamars trademark. The Datamars trademark may not be used in connection with anything disparaging of Datamars, or its products, services, or employees. Do not shorten or abbreviate a Datamars trademark.

Neither the Datamars logo nor the other logos of Datamars may be used without the express prior written approval of Datamars. If such approval is granted, logos may be reproduced only from electronic files provided by Datamars, without any modification. The size of the logo may be scaled, but the proportions and integrity of all elements of the logo must be maintained. A minimum amount of empty space must be left between the logo and any other object such as type, photography, borders, edges, etc. The required border of empty space must be equal to or greater than 100% of the height of the logo. When using Datamars trademarks, the Datamars trademark should be in text no larger than the surrounding text. When using Datamars trademarks, the first visual instance on a page must be identified appropriately with ™ or ®. Subsequent references to the same trademark need not be marked.

Datamars maintains a list of its trademarks on its website. This list also states whether the ® symbol or the ™ symbol should be used in connection with the Datamars trademark. In addition, when you use a Datamars trademark, you should include the following attribution notice with your other trademark or copyright notices: “[Datamars Trademark] is a trademark or registered trademark of Datamars SA in Switzerland, or of its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.”

These guidelines may be updated from time to time, and Datamars may provide additional guidelines for specific trademarks.